Yamaha MODX6 Synthesizer

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  • Motion Control Synthesis unifies and controls AWM2 and FM-X sound engines
  • The Super Knob controls multiple parameters simultaneously for highly expressive sound interaction
  • Send 10/receive 4 audio channels plus 16 channels of MIDI via a single USB cable
  • Live Sets allow Performance organization without copying, changing order or renaming
  • 4-Part Seamless Sound Switching: change Performances while holding notes without sound or effect cutoff

Yamaha MODX Synthesizers

Empower your creativity, take control and stand out from the crowd with MODX: a compact, lightweight synthesizer designed for inspired music-making. The MODX synthesis engine allows unlimited potential to create your own unique sound demanded by any artist. The sound engine is based on the same technology powering the flagship Montage: AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) sample and a pure FM-X (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer modernized for amazing sound playback and complex sound design.


AMW2 - Advanced Wave Memory 2

The AWM2 engine offers much more than just sample playback. Each of the 16 AWM2 parts feature eight fully-programmable synthesizers with a filter (18 types!,) amplitude, pitch and filter envelope generators, nine LFOs, 3-band EQ and a dedicated dual insert effect with Virtual Circuitry Modeling.

Screen MODX

FM-X Frequency Modulation

FM-X is an amazingly sophisticated pure synthesizer engine capable of producing classic ‘80s or cutting-edge, EDM sound with incredible dynamic range, power and fidelity. MODX features an 8-operator FM architecture and 64-note polyphony, allowing for a massive array of sound design options.

super knob

Super Knob

The Super Knob allows simultaneous control of up to 128 parameters in a single Performance, simultaneously.

motion sequences

Motion Sequences

Motion Sequences are tempo-synchronized, completely customizable control sequences that can be assigned to virtually any synthesizer parameter.


192 Note Total Polyphony

MODX features 128-note stereo AWM2 polyphony and 64-notes of FM-X polyphony.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Sound Switching

Seamless Sound Switching (SSS) lets you change performances seamlessly without any cut-off in envelope or effects.



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